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Meet Declan and Sarah

Off The Bone was created as a passion project by Declan back in 2018, after a long few months' battle with chronic fatigue. Declan decided it was time for a change, to go back to the basics and strive for what he loved and wanted to achieve in life. He knew that he had loved animals since a young age and adored his family’s lifelong pet Jac the dog, and that he had always wanted to work for himself, so hence Off The Bone was born.

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What started as a humble side hustle, walking a few dogs here and there, and looking after family friends' pets while they were away, has since turned into an amazing community of pets and their owners. We opened our Doggy Day Care in June 2021 and just cannot believe how much it has grown since. In March 2023 we had to relocate our day care and officially reopened at a new location in June 2023!

Declan met Sarah back in 2020. Sarah has always adored animals of all shapes and sizes, including her life long family pet Roxy, the three-legged dog. She works full time as a cancer genetic counsellor and has helped the business grow and supported Declan every step of the way.


Sarah started Off The Bone Premium Pet Products with Declan in August 2022. Selling a range of locally made and owned pet products, including her own handmade pet accessories and Declans pet treat line Bonez - Simply Pet Treats.

Together Declan and Sarah love what they do and all the pets they meet. With a fast growing daycare, a crew of hard working staff and a glowing community of pet lovers, they wouldn’t change a thing! 

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