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What are the hours of Doggy Day Care?

We are open Monday - Friday 7:00am till 6:00pm. 

We are open Saturdays 8:00am till 3:00pm ( Doggy Play Group and Products Store only) 

We are closed on Public Holidays and Sundays.

What are your hours for the pick up and drop off service?

Our pick up service occurs between 7am-9am and our drop off service between 4pm-6pm.

**Times may vary depending on location and staffing availability.

What sets Off The Bone aside from others?

We are passionate, dog loving people and strive to provide the best service for your pups. Our center has been fully renovated to provide a variety of play options to suite the needs of many different pups. We have the luxury of both indoor and outdoor areas including a sandpit and splash zone! Unlike other daycares we also offer a variety of flooring surfaces including rubber matting, concrete and astroturf to provide a surface suitable for all dogs. Moreso we are always willing to give any dog a go, we accept dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and play styles! 

What is involved in Doggy Day Care?

Doggy Day Care is a full day of fun for your pup! Our daycare center consists of 3 indoor areas, a quiet play are and a large outdoor run with sandpit and splash zone. We bring out a range of toys and activities during the day to keep your pup entertained and happy. Depending on the day this can include water guns, shell pools, ramps, balls, tug ropes, snuffle mats etc. Safety is our number 1 priority so all toys used are high quality and sanitized at the end of each day

What can I expect my pup to be like after their first day at day care?

One word – EXHAUSTED.

Day care is a full-on day of fun and stimulation for your pup. They have just spent the past 10 or so hours playing with other dogs, running around, digging, chewing, wrestling, rolling and more so it is natural for you pup to be pretty popped when they come home. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t as interested in you as they normally are when they are staying at home and you are out and about. They most likely will want to go straight to bed and snuggle up for some couch cuddles for the night.

How can I see what my dog has been up to for the day?

Rest assured your pup will be having a ball while at day care. Our wonderful staff will give you a run down of the day at pick up time to let you know exactly how your pup was fitting in. We also post photos at the end of each day on our Instagram story @offthebone_

What happens if there is an incident at day-care?

Paws crossed we don’t have any incidents with your pup at day care. Our staff are well trained to recognise any signs of aggression / anxiety in your pup and monitor the dogs all day to ensure they are playing well. However, in the event that an incident does occur e.g. a dog fight, the dogs involved will separated from the group and the owners will be called immediately to come collect their pup. In the case of injury we will take the dog to our nearest vet (100m up the road) for care and assessment.

How do I know my pup is safe at day care?

Your pups safety is our #1 priority at day care. Our staff are all very experienced in animal care and handling and will be monitoring all of the pups at day-care all day long. Our facility has been purpose renovated to provide the safest care for your pup while at day care, this double fencing and several internal door within the property from entry to exit. We also have security cameras in place which can be reviewed at the end of each day by our managing staff if any incidents occur.


Sorry we couldn't answer your question here! We'd love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to contact us via email or send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook. We will reach out to you as soon as we can!

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