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Doggy Day Care is a fun filled day where your pup gets to run around and play with several other doggo friends. Our doggy day care facility has been specially renovated to provide the most fun for your pup!

Our over 350 meter square warehouse space includes: 

  • 3 inside play pens 

  • 1 outdoor play run over 22m long 

  • 1 indoor quite room pen 

  • Sandpit and Splash Pad

  • A mixture of rubber matting, astroturf and non slip concrete floors 

  • Shell polls, Aussie Dog Toys, balls, tugs and more

Dogs are organised in groups base on play style and temperament. Each group gets to play in each section throughout the day and dogs can be moved in between groups to ensure they find their best friend to play with! 


Dogs are fully supervised and engaged with all day by our experienced team of staff. 


Doggy Day Care is open from 7am till 6pm Monday - Friday. We also have a Dog Taxi available! 


You can expect your dog to be exhausted after their full on fun day at Off The Bone! 

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